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Best centre speaker for Polk reserve system… currently have an r300 but would like to upgrade


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Feb 11, 2024
Hi all. Home theatre set up is a cinema 50, xpa3 5 channel. Powering
Polk r600 L&R
Polk r300 centre
Polk r100 side surrounds
Polk r900 front heights
Polk v80 ceiling back heights
2 x Arendal 1723s subwoofers

I feel the centre channel r300 is lacking and would like to beef it up. Originally I had physical size constraints hence the r300 but with a planned move around of equipment I have no real size limits now for the speaker.

Can anyone help recommend a great centre channel for me that would tie in with the Polk reserve set up I have? I’ve looked at polks other offerings, don’t like the reviews for the 350. And all that is left for the Polk range is the 400…

Does anyone have any recommendations for centres I should be looking at? Perhaps a 3 way, over the MTM type I have.

I have been eying up the Arendal 1723 THX centre, but would then have to match the L&R with the same and im generally really happy with all the reserve speakers I have except the 300 centre.

Unless the 1723 would play ball with my set up? Or would the Polk 400 be my only option given their unique ring radiator tweeters used throughout?

Many thanks in advance
I wouldn't worry about a different brand centre. The Room EQ, whether Audysssey or Dirac, on the Marantz will minimize the differences between the center and the rest of the speakers. Notwithstanding you should try to get some kind of return ability if you don't like the different center.
Hi @Davemul! Welcome to ASR.

I really don't think that you have to replace everything just to match the center, especially if you use Dirac Live on your Marantz, since that'll take care of any timbre discrepancies in the speakers' stock response.

As for the center speaker, I'd choose a 3-way whenever possible.

Which one is available to you, depends a lot on where you're located.

In the UK, the obvious choice for 3-way centers would be KEF, or perhaps Emotiva.
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