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Advice please


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Mar 19, 2024
Hi guys, first post here, long time lurker. I want to improve my setup, Aiyima T9 pro + Wharfedale Diamond 225 and I'm hoping that you can help me.

I intend to buy 2 bass shakers BST-1 and to attache them to my bed.

Here are my questions:
1. Nobsound G2 pro mini will be enough for the bass shakers
2. Best way to wiring is series, right?
3. in the future I intend to buy a small subwoofer which will be the best way to hook it to my setup ( variant 1 or variant 2 )

Any other comments from your side will be much appreciated!!

PS. I'm leaving in an apartment and I have a limited budget.

variant 1.jpg
variant 2.jpg

I don't know much about bass shakers, but I think we've had a thread or two on them. Might be something to try one of these days.
You want the front panel switch in SUB. Variant 2 will allow you to use the subwoofer volume control on the Nobsound for both the powered sub and the shakers. Variant 1 allows you to adjust the shaker in proportion to the powered sub. Both will work fine, try both.
Noted your comment. Do you think Nobsound G2 will manage the bass shakers?
Noted your comment. Do you think Nobsound G2 will manage the bass shakers?
Bass shakers work with that general power range. So yes.
In my experience, shaker attachment is more important than performance. I also had a Dayton Audio BST-2 attached under the pedal plate (approx. 2mm aluminum), which "swallowed" the vibrations enormously or "distributed" them to other parts of the rig where I didn't want them. The effects were rather weak and undifferentiated... Now I attached shakers to the pedals and glued various shakers/transducers directly to the seat shell. I have to reduce the power of the amplifiers (2x Nobsound NS-10G + 1x t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini Amp) significantly so that it doesn't become too much.

Indeed the attachment is very important. As I mentioned I intend to attache 2 BST-1 to the slatted bed base. I hope there will be some effect as the mattress is quite thick.

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