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Advice Needed: Compact, External Powered DAC w/Pre-Amp (Additional Power)

Mar 24, 2020
Hi all,

So every now and then I love me some dirty hip-hop with car-sub type bass (please forgive me.)

My current setup is PC -> Fiio x7 MK II as DAC -> SMSL SP200 -> LCD 2 Closed with an EQ of +18 or so from around 90 Hz. I use Peace/APO for EQ and am forced to use a pre-amp of -15 to prevent clipping.

I'm trying to kill a few birds with one stone:

- External powered DAC to avoid USB noise issues I'm experiencing with my PC (or possibly some solid filtering in the DAC?);

- Compact since I'm a nomad;

- Hopefully some kind of significant non-clipping pre-amp out of the DAC via RCA (or XLR or that matter) since with that negative pre-amp I can't get loud enough for my taste :p

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