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About the target frequency response, "flat speaker in an acoustic treated room"…


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Nov 25, 2022
So seems several target frequency response claimed they are simulating the "flat speaker in an acoustic treated room", like Harman target and Sonarworks target (seems a bit recessed high frequency and an octave lower low shelf).
So the problem is, there're several scenarios fit this claim, for instance:
  1. An calibrated Hi-Fi floorstanding speaker in a treated audiophile listening room (Harman target);
  2. In-wall far field monitors in a recording / mastering studio;
  3. Near field monitors in a recording / mastering studio (Sonarworks target);
  4. Wall mounted speakers in a large cinema-like film post-production studio.
So the room size / shape / furnishing etc. may affect the result. And the calibrated speakers can't be absolute flat. Of course we know they would share something in common (like 3kHz peak, high frequency roll-off etc.), but does this mean there is no absolute correct target frequency response?
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