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HT vs 2-channel speaker placement


Jan 25, 2024
Hi all. Question:

How do you resolve speaker setup in a HT, but with a slant to 2-channel audio reproduction?

I have had my HT for 15+ years (with a 96" screen and projector). With my setup, I have always had my towers tucked close to the screen and near the front wall (within a foot). I have been getting back into music (both digital and analog) and have started skewing my time in the room to 70% music, 30% video (where it was 90-10 in favor of video for over a decade). When my kids were smaller, we would pile into the HT and watch shows, sports and movies. But over the last few years (they are in university now), most of my time in the HT is flying solo.

So over the last number of months, I have been moving my speakers and adjusting for music. I have my mains almost in an equilateral triangle, about 4' from the front wall and ~2' from the sides (about 8' 4" from the MLP). This is the best my system and room have sounded for music and movies. However, in moving the speakers out so much into the room and giving them breathing room behind them, the main speakers are pretty close to each flanking seat of my MLP seat. Listening to music left or right of MLP is dominated by your proximity to the speaker. The phenomenon is a little less with movies as the center channel drives much of what you hear, but it is still right or left heavy, depending on where you are sitting. Even though I use the room by myself much of the time, I still have the kids watch with me as well as friends coming over. Funny enough, my wife falls asleep every time we try and watch something in there together, so we don't use the room as a couple very much.

So that is my question. I will "figure it out for myself" eventually, but I am curious how others have dealt with a similar situation. I could push my speakers away from me towards the front wall and the proximity issues to the speakers disappear, but my soundstage also disappears. TIA.

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