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3 ROW HOME THEATER HELP.. no clue what to do. (Apologize for the long post)


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Dec 21, 2021
Hello everyone! Apologies ahead of time and THANK YOU for whomever replies in the future as I’d be lost without some of y’all even though I don’t post much, I’m here everyday reading!

Quick backstory, 30 yrs old, bought my first house at 22, sold at 26, lived in 2 condos around STL for awhile while saving for my dream home, but i was talked into being on the board at the condo association. And it was like Jersey Shore + real housewives of LA, had a demon child. Senile psychopaths & constant drama. Well needless to say, audio equipment was basically none existent as if they couldn’t hear themselves taking their last breath, it was literally too loud lol! However, thank god. About 10-12 months or so ago, bought my dream house/plus property, after almost 9 solid years of 12hr days, saving 15+ years worth of $$.. I’m finally where the closest neighbor is 2.2 miles down the road. so guess what? IVE WENT NUTS ON AUDIO EQUIPMENT lol

Being as I bass fish professionally across the US, with some of the best anglers in the world, I’m not exactly holding a 50-200,000$ check every tournament lol but I love what I do and live comfortably. Which brings me to why I’m here.. FINISHED BUILDING AND FURNISHING MY HOME THEATER ROOM. I had an massive unfinished 4th room, so I transformed into a 3 row movie theater. And after putting seats in, the projector, etc… I was an idiot lol way more expensive than I thought! Especially stepping the 3 rows for best views! So sound is kind of going to be cheap for awhile until I can recoup some $$

I have ZERO IDEA on what type/size/how many speakers I’m supposed to be looking at and what to drive them. The floor is stepped for the 3 rows of Octane Charger Seats, and is about 200sq foot.

Can someone lead me in the direction of audio? I don’t have a ton of $$ now as I’m pretty much left with about 1,200$ to 1,600$ TOPS to put sound in for now and would like something to add on to later, i also have quite a few topping/SMSL dacs, topping/Aiyima/denon/marantz amps/receivers.. etc etc so if I can reuse anything I gladly will. Just need a direction in which I should be heading..

P.S. I’m perfectly fine with putting some cheap tower speakers in front and some satellites on the walls + a sub on left+right front for now or until I can afford a proper setup.. but don’t exactly know what that consists of!

Any help would be greatly appreciated and again. Sorry for the long winded post!


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Jan 18, 2020
1,200$ to 1,600$ TOPS

Assuming there's more than 1 seat in each row, as many LSR308's for bed layer and 305/306's for heights as your receiver can support would be my first choice. Hopefully you don't run into any ground hum


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Sep 27, 2019
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
What's the best Denon/marantz avr? You've got? Atmos in any of the avr's? Any interest I serious 2 channel listening? Got a subwoofer yet?

My philosophy for movies kind of the shotgun approach to side/rear/Atmos channels. I did sonance ceiling for my Atmos and rears, as I'm not overly concerned with fidelity for my ceiling and rear channels. Also, every seat gets the effect with ceiling rears.

Since a $1500 budget runs out quickly, i would have to be a bit creative. Though, I'm sure you would be happy with 3x sets of JBL 530's. I use a single as my center, and could have certainly bought them for every channel and sunk more into some subwoofers. While I love my 306p for my nearfield computer setup, I just don't know what to expect for a home theater, though, they can be found for super cheap on the rare sale. They are pretty noisy running single ended, so a balanced av processor is almost required. Kali lp-6 v2's are better anyway. No amp hiss at low volumes. I love my jbl's, but it's there.

Once I get a better idea of where you're at, the more I could help.
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Mar 12, 2016

Welcome. The budget is too low for a 3-row HT. There is no much way around it.
Frankly I have to question how you came up with $1500.oo for Audio, one of the 2 components of Audio-Video, when the seats in this HT would run upward of $5000, not counting install and delivery.

Something is off-base... in this .... and I am being nice, since you are new and should be welcomed.



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Mar 9, 2022
Only in speakers you'll have to spend a loooot more than that.
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