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  1. S

    Help in selecting proper AVR system for home theater 5 channel

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and seek some experts help. I have 5 speakers that include: Two B&W 603 s2 (30-200 watts, 3-8ohms) two B&W 685 (25-100 watts, 4-8 ohms) HTM62 (30-120 watts, 4.3- 8 ohms) Can you please suggest proper AVR system for a room that is 20ft x 35ft? Going to have my...
  2. juliangst

    Does a surround sound receiver make sense for stereo content?

    After reading about the new Schiit Syn I asked myself again if surround sound processing for stereo content is worth it . The Schiit is using one of the most simple ways to 'upmix' to surround by just playing the difference between L and R on the rear speakers to create a surround ambience. Home...
  3. L

    Height vs. back surround speakers

    In my current setup, I have side surround and front height speakers. The front height speakers have a decent FR but not as flat as the surrounds, and are not THX-certified while the surrounds are. I just bought an additional pair of speakers identical to the surrounds. I have three options how...
  4. N

    What is the point of having HDMI 2.1 outputs when all the inputs are HDMI 2.0?

    It is my understanding that HDMI 2.1 supports up to 48Gbps of bandwidth allowing for uncompressed 8k and higher quality audio. But isn't that pointless if your HDMI 2.1 source component is plugged into your receiver/processor that only has HDMI 2.0 inputs that can only handle 18Gbps of...
  5. J

    Favorite Surround Sound TV/Film

    It’s been slow, but I’m inching closer to finishing my multichannel setup. I’m really looking forward to Atmos music and hearing how up-mixing stereo music with Auro-3D will be. In the end, it’s all about the experience. On the video side, I’m curious what the community thinks really impresses...
  6. J

    Brand match front with surround and height?

    Community, Looking for some advise. Currently have three KEF R3s for LCR. I’m trying to budget for additional speakers. Two rear surrounds and four height speakers for the “unified layout”. Auro for music up-mixing and Atmos movies/music all via AppleTV. How important is brand matching? Three...
  7. J

    Wide dispersion rear surrounds

    Hey everyone, Any recommendations on bookshelf speakers with wide dispersion for rear duty? Thanks
  8. M

    3 ROW HOME THEATER HELP.. no clue what to do. (Apologize for the long post)

    Hello everyone! Apologies ahead of time and THANK YOU for whomever replies in the future as I’d be lost without some of y’all even though I don’t post much, I’m here everyday reading! Quick backstory, 30 yrs old, bought my first house at 22, sold at 26, lived in 2 condos around STL for awhile...
  9. DownUnderGazza

    DIY Surround Pre-Pro: Apple Logic Pro + Dolby Atmos

    TL, DR; What if we could configure Apple’s Logic Pro to be your Surround Preamp-Processor (including up/down mixing); Control input selection and output levels via Focusrite’s Rednet R1 controller; and Send the input/output channels wherever you need via Dante? PREAMBLE We all are very aware...
  10. Wack Audio

    Fluance Elite 2-Way Bipolar Speaker review

    Short Answer: Do not purchase this speaker Long answer: This particular Fluance speaker sounds like an IPhone speaker on poorly manufactured steroids. The overall sound is flat and raspy, the bass is non existent, and the highs are bright/hollow sounding. I have tried this speaker with several...
  11. tar

    5.1. Surround: extending analog audio signal to rear speakers via LAN

    Aloha, how would you transfer the rear speaker signal(s) (source is an NVidia Shield Pro 2019) to rear speakers via LAN (or WLAN)? I would not like to lay cables across the living room but I have network sockets near the TV and near the position of the rears (and WLAN, of course). Passive...
  12. E

    Stereo to surround setup

    Hi, I've been experimenting a little with 4.0 surround lately by adding two surround channels to my usual stereo setup. I did so using the PC motherboard output for rear channels, while routing front channels to the DAC, and it has convinced me of the benefits of surround. The setup is in a...
  13. P

    Is there a USB DAC that will upmix stereo audio files played from a Windows PC to 7.1 channel analogue like a soundcard but better?

    I currently connect a Sound Blaster X-Fi SB0880 Titanium Fatal1ty directly to an ADCOM GFA7607 power amp and a SVS PB2000 Subwoofer, however I'm looking to replace it, mainly because every time I install a major Windows update, it screws-up my audio requiring an arduous driver & application...
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