1. P

    Arendal 1723 Towers best amplifier

    I’m currently using an Yamaha RN-1000A, it sounds okay, but overall I’m not really happy with it. I cant really customize anything, like frequency etc. YPAO sounds bad, the rest is okay.. And it just has so many ports for other stuff that i won’t use. For me I just want an simple amp, simple...
  2. R

    Arendal 1723s vs revel m106 for center channel

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to decide which speaker to get as a center speaker, and then whichever I end up getting, upgrade the rest of my speakers to that brand. I currently have Polk r200s as mains and kef surrounds. I can get a revel m106-105 or 205c through my jobs rewards program or I can...
  3. Biblob

    Genelec 8030c vs Arendal 1961 bookshelf - unexpected treble boost

    Hi all, Recently bought the Genelec 8030C and Arendal 1961 bookshelf to compare the two. Had the Genelecs for a while and listened to them, love them. Comparing them on beforehand showed the on-axis and in-room response to be comparable. Tonight I unpacked the Arendals, set one of...
  4. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO set up assistance with Auto-Ref oddity

    Hi all, I have posted a fair few posts in the past regarding the set-up of my 8341AWM's with subwoofers so I guess one more post won't do any harm! :) As mentioned previously, I have recently purchased a pair of Arendal 1723 1S subwoofers to go with my Genelec 8341AWM's and am really happy...
  5. Sparky

    Connecting a subwoofer to an RME ADI2 PRO with Genelec Speakers

    Hi all, I have a question about how to correctly connect up my subwoofers to an RME ADI2 PRO FS R be and also which mode to have the RME set to. My set up will soon be as follows; Source 1 - Intel NUC (ROON Core) -------- USB ---------- RME Source 2 - TV -------- TOSLINK ---------- RME...
  6. J

    Brand match front with surround and height?

    Community, Looking for some advise. Currently have three KEF R3s for LCR. I’m trying to budget for additional speakers. Two rear surrounds and four height speakers for the “unified layout”. Auro for music up-mixing and Atmos movies/music all via AppleTV. How important is brand matching? Three...
  7. A

    2x Arendal 1723 2s or 2x SVS SB16 Ultra or 2x Emotiva Airmotiv RS13 or....?

    Hello everyone I just can't get any result - thats why I hope someone in here can help :-9 I'm looking for 2 subs that can't be bigger than ABSOLUTESMAX (sizewise) is a SVS SB16 ULTRA - so something like PB16 is eliminated.... for my room, which has a volume of approx. 320m³(7500 kubikfoot), it...
  8. R

    Monoprice Encore B5 coming in April, poor mans Arendal 1961? Also the T5 $150 USD each The design philosophy and similarity to some of the Arendal speakers is again present. This set reminds of the 1961 with the sealed design and overall design strategy. I wonder if these sound good? Time will tell. Also a smaller tower...
  9. sweetchaos

    Arendal 1961 Bookshelf review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review. This is the 2-way (5.5" woofer) bookshelf from Arendal. Retails for US$700/pair. Preference score (according to Erin): 4.4 (7.3 w/ sub) Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  10. sweetchaos

    Which Arendal speaker would you like Erin to review?

    Today, @hardisj has announced he's going to get the opportunity to test Arendal speaker(s)! :D:D Please vote! If you see *Audioholics* in the poll above = > They already reviewed that model, review here.
  11. R

    Optimal sound path for TV's optical out?

    Hello, I have a LG CX TV. I initially wanted to buy 2 KEF Q950 towers and a SVS/Arendal powered sub to connect to a HDMI 2.1 Yamaha/Denon AVR. But seeing as AVRs with perfectly working HDMI 2.1 are not out yet (for gaming purposes - 4:4:4 4k120hz with ALLM, G-Sync etc.) and I being in need of...
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