1. bossloot

    Woofer and Headphones interaction.

    Greeting everyone, I am having this problem with ear/headphones for years since, where plugging them directly into my PC or any other Phone - is not giving me the satisfaction of Volume, Bass and overall quality in general. I believe it's not a matter of the Handsfree product quality, but rather...
  2. L

    Separate volume control for speakers and sub?

    Hi, I'm going to get some powered bookshelf speakers with subwoofer but I'd like to control the volume separately for the speakers and sub. Is there some pre-amplifier with this option? or passive volume knob controller with two knobs each for speakers and sub separately? Thanks
  3. UrbanAnimism777

    Enough volume but not enough dynamics?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the audiophile world and I'm trying to understand the relationship between an amp providing enough volume and dynamics for power-hungry headphones. I tend to use a Topping L50 on my desktop setup, which drives my Drop 8XX (300 ohms of impedance and 103dB of...
  4. Mantra

    can i ask if when I turn on an amp should I keep the volume knob at 0?

    Hallo to everybody somedays ago i was in a hifi store , and the reseller talking about Denon and Marantz amps , he told me to keep the volume always at 0 before turning on I could understand for tube amps ,but transistor amps seems a non sense is that true ? thanks
  5. S

    Too many volume knobs!! Help a noob out

    Okay, I know this question has been answered to death in some form or another, but I can't wrap my head around it and I'm trying to learn. In my bedside listening setup: iPad pro --> SMSL su9n --> schiit magni 3 I have my iPad pro, which has the ios internal volume, the su9n, which also has...
  6. L

    Low volume produced by Amazon Music App on Amazon Fire TV Stick

    I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max connected to an AVR via HDMI. The Amazon Music app running on the stick is ver. 3.4.706.0. Several weeks ago, I noticed that the volume of PCM audio streamed by the app became significantly lower than that of the same program material streamed directly to...
  7. ScepticSchizo

    Volume dropping and amp vibrating

    Hello good people of ASR. I have been reading quite some rather interesting reviews and posts on the website for some years now, and I feel confident that some of you will be able to help me out with an issue I am having. I've been lucky enough to purchase a Marantz PM Pearl for a bargain. It...
  8. PaperBoat


    Is 2Vrms enough to achieve the maximum SPL when using the -10dBV input of JBL 305p MKii? +6dBV = 1.995Vrms?
  9. PaperBoat

    Fiio BTA30 Pro

    I'm looking for a good Bluetooth receiver and I see the Fiio BTA30 Pro is probably a good choice. But I'm seeking clarification on the volume control method of the Fiio BTA30 Pro so I reached out to Fiio support and asked about the volume control method. The Fiio site tells that "the BTA30 Pro...
  10. PaperBoat

    Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface

    I've some questions about the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface... Can anyone help? Is the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface's main "Monitor knob" done volume control digitally (before the DAC attenuation) OR analogically (after the DAC attenuation) on the 1/4" Line Outputs...
  11. J

    Adding a volume pot to a PS-LX49 turntable

    I just got my first older record player, and I'm looking to modify it. I'd like to add a volume knob. To be clear, this is not a question about preamps, only about what type of potentiometer I need to get (I know the volume knob will not make the phono output louder). I have worked with...
  12. A

    Problem with ifi idsd Nano black edition

    Hello, I just bought and tried an iFi idsd Nano black edition with a Sennheiser HD 650. I have an issue with this ampli/DAC. At a low volume, only the right speaker of my headphone works. Globally I think the right speaker is more amplified. Has this problem already been experienced by some of...
  13. stevenswall

    What does "Dynamic" Mean To You?

    Do speakers generally act as a dynamic range compressor when operating well within their limits? Do some act as dynamic range expanders? Is high SPL an indicator of what sounds more dynamic? Even when not approaching limits? Most forums seem to have people who describe dynamics is a term...
  14. R

    Digitally reducing volume when connecting DSP directly to power amplifier

    My current setup takes all its different inputs into a MiniDSP 2x4HD which acts as my DAC, and the output is connected directly into the power amplifier (main in) of my NAD C352 (80W per channel). Volume is controlled on the DSP. Currently, to get output volume at 0dB on the DSP that's not too...
  15. T

    A quicky - preamp really required??

    Hi all, just starting out on my journey to decent sound with a budget build extensively using this forum's resource of knowledge. Scouring the forum hasn't provided me with a direct answer relevant to my equipment, so new thread (other threads are close but not quite equivalent). Plan was: Pi...
  16. L

    Topping D50s volume control

    Is there any recommended way to control volume? Currently using the JRiver volume control instead of the DAC (Preamp) to control volume. Should I use the DAC? If so, why? Audio device-Topping D50s DAC WASAPI
  17. S

    Matching devices - impedance etc

    Hi, I have a newbie doubt on how to go about matching devices. I recently had my chinese DAC die on me due to what i think might be a power fluctuation and i went back to my old Schiit modi multibit, feeding it directly into my tired old receiver being used as the 2.1 amp. Well, the setup...
  18. S

    Good AMP to Pair with the Topping D50?

    Like the title says, I'm trying to replace my Schiit jotunheim with topping d50 + a new amp. When I turn it to RCA and touch the volume knob I hear noise. I believe I have one of those ******... I mean Schiit jotunheims that have an ungrounded chassis. I need to send it in. I won't have a system...
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