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  1. KikoKentaurus

    Studio Monitor Calibration

    Hello there, I have a question. I'm going to calibrate my Kali-Audio LP6 in an acoustically treated room. I will use -20 dB rms pink noise. How I imagine this process - I will place SPL-meter on a "sweet-spot", and then calibrate every monitor individually to -83 dB. My audio-interface is...
  2. B

    Rank studio monitors/active speakers you have heard

    I saw a similar concept on a headphone forum I follow, I thought it would be great/fun to get a list running of ranked Studio monitors/powered speakers with the great community here. I am a new member but have been following the threads on here for a while List/rank the studio monitors/powered...
  3. T

    Using Topping A90 Pre-out to powered studio monitors?

    I am about to pull the trigger on the Topping A90 (unless there are other alternatives that are as good for less?) I notice there is a pre-amp out in the back with XLR. I currently own and mainly use the Adam T7V Powered studio monitors, what came into mind during this is I read somewhere...
  4. Neto Rare

    FS: Neumann KH310 A 3-way Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Less than two months old and barely used. (Date of purchase 12/2020 with original invoice) Includes: Original packaging, manuals, and power cords. Condition: LIKE NEW (no scratches, dents, or scuffs) Shipping and PP fee not included. Available for local pick up in 91367. Pics here: PRICE...
  5. J

    Help choose small studio monitors for a small room, eve audio vs genelec

    Hi everyone ! I'm building a small home studio mainly for composing, producing and a little bit of mixing at home. (The main job will be done in a another studio, but I'd like to produce at home as much as possible) My room is 12 square meters and will be treated accordingly the room...
  6. M

    Open vs. closed vs. studio monitors during recording or editing

    This is for voiceover. I was given advice that while recording it's just as well not to use any headphones whilst recording. True? And for editing/processing/mastering studio monitors are best but if without those, use open-back headphones instead. And that semi-open won't do. Do you all agree?
  7. TheMarshal

    Suggestion for Monitors/Speakers

    Hello Everyone, I have recently joined this hobby, it seems my wallet is starting to get mad at me. :) It has been a really tough choice for me to decide which active speakers or monitors to get. Honestly, I am leaning toward active nearfield monitors as they seem a better bang for the buck at...
  8. dallasjustice

    JBL M2 Audiolense Digital Crossovers w/Subs

    I first became seriously interested in purchasing the JBL M2 when I was with @amirm at CEDIA 2015. I heard the Harman demo room and was shocked at the sound quality I heard. The Harman demo at CEDIA is like waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World with my kids...
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