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KRK Rokit 5 G4 vs Kali LP-6 V2?


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Sep 6, 2023
Hi all, making my first post here after being on "reading" mode for some time!

I'm looking to buy a budget pair of monitors. Their primary use would be to listen to my own instrument while recording it, and critically listening to music. I also intend to make my own music as a hobby. I don't plan on using these as my primary mixing / mastering source, but as a secondary, after my headphones. I haven't got my room treated at all yet (it's a square carpeted room).

Considering this, I landed on two good speakers in the sub-$400 range for a pair. I picked these because they're front-ported - I'd be keeping close to a wall.

1. KRK Rokit 5 G4 - received great praise in the AVS review and seems to have a relatively flat response
2. Kali LP-6 V2 - the V1 seems to have gotten similar praise in the AVS review, and it doesn't seem like the V2 is worse

The recommendation score for the Kali is 5.2 vs 3.6 for the Rokit, but I'm not sure if that number is intended to be accurate for comparisons?

I'm unable to find good comparisons between the two in terms of sound. KRK as a brand seems to be disliked by some due to generally adding color, but gen 4 seems to be good in this regard. I'm not sure if it's better than the Kali, which seems to have universally good reviews. In the US, the KRKs cost $340 per pair, the Kalis $400.

Are the Kalis worth the $60 extra? I know their size is bigger so they'll have more bass, but I prefer tight bass more than volume. Looking for any opinions here.

That's a significantly different preference score, go with the Kali.

Also note: speaker size doesn't directly translate to increase output at bass frequencies, boominess, etc.

If the speaker is designed correctly it will have more extension.

The increased extension can activate deeper room modes, so you can either avoid them by not playing down there at all, adjust the bass down a bit, or use room correction to fix it.

Tight bass = bass without large peaks in the response. Room correction is your best friend here.
I have heard both of these and chose the Kali's, but its close. Imaging is very good on both but the Kali is a little more flatter and neutral sounding with better bass. I didn't hear really any color in either as well (same cant be said of the Adam budget line which is FULL of color). If you have a music store around you like a Sam ash or Guitar center, you would likely be able to listen to these side by side.
The KRK is nowhere near the quality of Kali! Kali`s are professional budget monitors, while KRK are very low quality :) Kali is your only choice in this price range :)
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