1. B

    Gustard R26 XLR, RCA SQ

    This issue has been touched upon but not precisely, when BOTH XLR and RCA outputs are being used simultaneously…. Setup: XLR out (via converter) to RCA monoblocks, short run, AND RCA out to dual subs with independent gain and crossover control. Audible, unmeasured findings seem that once the...
  2. Breezy

    DTS issue a concern if connecting a CD/DVD player to a stereo receiver via RCA vs Optical?

    I have a Yamaha stereo receiver (R-N303BL) and I'm in the process of attaching a 20-year old (but previously unused) Sony CD/DVD player to it to play audio CDs. (DVP-NS725P). The manual for the Sony CD/DVD player warns about connecting it to receiver via digital cable if playing DTS CDs to...
  3. N

    Help! Amp humming!

    Hello, I’ve spent days roaming the internet for a solution, so I really hope you can help! I have an Harmon/Kardon HK3270 RDS and an old BSR turntable. When I just plug in my turntable to the amp, it sounds awesome. BUT my turntable is 15 feet away from my amp, so I have to use a 15 ft RCA...
  4. S

    Electric humming noise in speakers, probably from 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack cable | Any advice?

    Hi, I have an unorthodox setup. I have my computer connected over HDMI ARC to the NAD T748 receiver. Using the receivers RCA pre-outs I connect it with 3m 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack cables to two pairs of KEF LSX speakers for 4.1 surround (Awaiting one LS50 anniversary for center channel). I have...
  5. S

    Powered Sub Best Pre Amp

    I have a Klipsch powered subwoofer I want to connect it to my TV, which pre-amp would give the subwoofer optimal performance?
  6. K

    [FS][EU] Mogami RCA pair cable 5m

    2534 Quad Stereo Pair (L,R) Audio Cable | Neutrik Gold RCA | 5.0 m Bought on April 2022 Excellent condition 50euros with shipping to most* european countries *pm for details
  7. Y

    Replace “Connect it E” cable from Project with something longer

    I recently picked up the DC Carbon Esprit turntable made by Pro-ject Audio systems from Sonos. This turntable has a phono line / preamp switch. Link here - https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/pro-ject-debut-carbon-esprit-turntable-walnut The device comes with a RCA cable referred to as the...
  8. Rockfella

    Worth upgrading from Fiio K5 Pro (RCA) to a balanced DAC for more than 1 reason.

    Current combo : Kali Audio LP6 + FiiO K5 Pro connected with RCA. I am happy with the combo, was wondering if upgrading to a balanced DAC/xlr will be worth it? Reasons: Want to try XLR cables (hoping for better audio) + K5 Pro has a weird problem: It does not mute the monitors if I connect...
  9. C

    Balanced TRS to unbalanced RCA - conflicting information

    I have a MiniDSP Flex with balanced TRS outputs and I need to connect my SVS subwoofer which has an unbalanced RCA connector. MiniDSP's recommend cable is different from RANE's system interconnect diagram (configuration 10b in the diagram). Can anyone explain the benefits of using a 2...
  10. PaperBoat

    How to convert a XLR - TRS cable to RCA - TRS cable?

    How can I convert this ↓ TO THIS ↓ I have them ↓ and necessary soldering equipments...
  11. regan

    Which one is better? RCA vs XLR

    Is XLR significantly better than RCA? If that's the case then why don't big manufacturers use them on their products? Kef r3, ls50 meta, elac dbr 62 etc. don't have XLR.
  12. kflw935641

    Shielded interconnect / RCA / cinch cables don't seem to matter

    Archimago tested various RCA cables for their noise performance, and came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter: https://archimago.blogspot.com/2013/05/measurements-analogue-rca-interconnects.html I somewhat had a hard time finding information via the search function here if shielded cables...
  13. S

    Cheap RCA interconnects causing interference

    Hello ASR, I need some help in choosing some new interconnects. My currently owned very cheap RCA cables that cost me £8 a pair from Amazon are emitting a high frequency whine *through my speakers* tweeters (sounds like tinnitus, 16khz or higher) from both my Fiio k3s and RME ADI-2 FS dac. The...
  14. R

    How to connect powered speakers to BluRay player through coaxial

    Hello, I hope you're doing good. I am pretty new to this forum and to audio things too. I am a newbie, indeed. The thing is I want to buy the edifiers r2000db, which are the ones available on my country at the moment, but they do not have a Coaxial input. They do have RCA and Optical inputs. I...
  15. Vict0r

    iLoud MTM monitors (balanced XLR) to Topping e30 DAC (unbalanced RCA); possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired a pair of iLoud MTM's. I do not record music but just want to use them as desktop media speakers. It seems I didn't quite think this through before ramming on the BUY NOW buttons. :p The MTM have balanced XLR or TRS inputs. I only have an unbalanced Topping e30...
  16. C

    How should star quad cables be soldered to RCA connectors?

    I have some Canare L-4E6S Star Quad cables and I want to make two RCA cables to connect a subwoofer to my system. I looked in various other audio forums but none were clear enough on how to do this properly. The Canare L-4E6S cable has two white wires, two blue wires and a shield. The...
  17. T

    Correct way to connect an nCore XLR amp to an RCA source

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a safe way to do this, since most solutions I have found on the internet are about the connection of the xlr terminals to the internals of the amp, or something. I want to connect the nc400 to an old unbalanced tube pre amp. Will something like this be ok...
  18. mxlv900

    Presonus Eris E5 hum

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum so if I'm doing any of this wrong feel free to tell me. I bought a Topping E30 DAC to hook up to my pair of Eris E5. The problem is that I experience a fairly loud hum/buzzing sound. I hooked them up through some THX RCAs that I had lying around in the house...
  19. S

    Digital pre-amp with streaming capabilities and digital & analog inputs

    Hey guys, First time posting here! I've been lurking around since 2017 something and created the account last year I think. Anyhow! I am looking for advice as there is a jungle out there on the market and the master review index isn't helping me for the moment. What I have today: Mains for...
  20. C

    Do I need to worry about RCA gauge

    Do I need to worry about the wire gauge when running male to male RCA plugs from a DAC to amp? Or does it not matter over that short a distance? Is there anything else I need to look for, or will any function RCA cord do the trick?
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