1. LIΟN

    paper clip-shaped earphone is U2

    Here are the photos from the official website. Moondrop U-2 There don't seem to be many reviews for this product yet. I purchased it from Taobao and received it today. (To be honest, I didn't have high expectations due to the structural characteristics of earbuds.) It wasn't terrible, but...
  2. LIΟN

    Hidition Viento-B CIEM personal review

    Hello. I recently ordered and received a custom IEM. I'm looking to write a personal review about it. (I'm not professinal reviewer) I custom ordered the Viento B version from a Korean earphone manufacturer called Hidition. The current exchange rate is uncertain, but the price is 990,000...
  3. fountain

    in ear with mmcx changeable cable?

    hi, im searching for (in this pic I posted) the left in ear but with a changeable cable, I couldn't find one of those, just a pair selling on aliexpress but isnt what I like, does someone know some site where I could find this?
  4. digitalfrost

    Moondrop x Crinacle DUSK

    Well it's finally here. Looking forward to the reviews.
  5. LIΟN

    Do you invest money in IEM cables for Design and comfort?

    I've been uncomfortable with some of the default cables and am on an adventure to find one that has the color,design and softness I want. (It's not about the sound) However, I don't see many users on ASR using cables made by Aliexpress. What about you? I used to use these plain...
  6. P


    Hello, this is a review of the TANCHJIM KARA IEM. This is my personal pair and costs US $179, but it is on sale on Amazon now for $143. This review will cover acoustic measurements of the TANCHJIM Kara IEM. Product Info, Physical Appearance and Size Kara is a hybrid IEM with 1 dynamic driver...
  7. IAtaman

    Aful Performer5 IEM

    Hey all. Aful Performer5 IEMs seem to be all the hype right now. They seem to graph really well in my opinion and taste. Any one have any experience with them?
  8. IAtaman

    7Hz Sonus

    Got this quite recently based on its graphs and suggestion of @mc.god for $42 delivered same day from Amazon. They also look very good in my opinion - smooth matte metal with minimum distractions. Like that. How does it sound? Sounds great out of the box to me, without EQ. In fact, when...
  9. P

    Moondrop May USB-C Headphones Review

    Hello! This is a review and measurements of the new Moondrop May headphones. This is my personal pair and it costs US $65. I have been browsing ASR for a while now, but I have never posted anything here. I decided to write my very first review on this budget friendly USB-C DAC and headphone...
  10. LIΟN

    DIY: Improvement of IEM molding for Comfort

    Has anyone tried this? The IEM was fixed to fit the inner ear using a Sugru product. Apple's Earpods are originally comfortable. But it was very loose in my ears and showed bass loss and imbalance in response. It's not a big deal in normal listening, but I listen to all IEMs in hrir (brir), so...
  11. J

    IEM - 2 pin dilemma: SE or balanced too?

    Hi everybody! :) My name's John, I'm from Italy and I've just landed here on ASR. TL : DR Are Moondrop Chu II, Linsoul 7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 or TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZeroRed natively balanced? Or are them just SE with 4,4 cable capability? Verbose version Starting to go deeper into the...
  12. IAtaman

    The Shape of IEMs to Come

    Read this article on talking about the advantages of using B&K5128 for in-ear headphones specifically, and found it interesting. If I understood it correctly, it is saying that 5128 with its closer-to-human-ear acoustic impedance provides better insights into how in-ear...
  13. K

    13 dBHL of hearing loss. Continue using IEMs and headphones?

    These results are superimposed from the PTA audiogram test I had and it looks like I have low-frequency hearing loss in both ears (13dBHL right ear and 12dBHL left ear), and my right ear has lost some high frequencies. This makes me wonder, how long can use IEMs and headphones until it reaches...
  14. N

    Aio Dac/Amp or Stack under 100

    Hi guys, I want / need a dac/amp with volume knob under 100€/$ ( if closer to 50$/€ better ) primarily to iem's ( i have truthear hexa , zero , hola ,shouer s12 ) and too DT990/DT880 250ohm's and Hifiman Sundara Nowadays its possible to have a good dac/amp for this price range ? without...
  15. Matias

    Hidizs MP145 planar IEMs

    Hidizs is having a massive Kickstarter campaign with a very interesting IEM based on a large planar magnetic driver and different tuning profiles. And those early bird prices are tempting... (I don't need another IEM, I don't need another IEM, I don't need another IEM...)...
  16. S

    Audio Interface for IEMs, Dynamic Mic, and Speakers

    Hi everyone, I am using a PC and fairly new to the audio world, still learning about how things work, though I have invested my money for some gear like a dynamic mic (maono pd400x), speakers (presonus eris 4.5), and planning to buy a decent IEM (Truthear Hexa) for gaming and listening to music...
  17. aikofan

    Silicone tips for Apple EarPods - the old wired, free ones

    My Senn HD6xx are too hot and sweaty to use in summer, so in hot weather I switch to the Apple EarPods that used to come free with iPhones. However, I don’t like the way they loosely fit in my ears and gradually slide out further and further after a few minutes, so I have to constantly push them...
  18. Alpha XVIV

    TE Zero imaging (maybe soundstage as well) vs Hexa -- am I crazy?

    I have both of these IEMs -- I got the Zero first. In terms of music listening from a broad selection of genres I'll still pick the Hexa (better tonality for my personal preference and excellent detail), but for gaming or just anything with positional accuracy, I picked the Zero. Am I crazy? As...
  19. Cuckoo Studio

    Moondrop LAN Review

    Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol. The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer. Measurement Conditions Explanation And Chart Interpretation Of Cuckoo Studio Review...
  20. M

    IEM for gaming (competetive/esport)

    Hi, I would like to buy headphones for gaming (competetive/esport) and as I was looking into it, i found out, that the best choice would be IEM headphones (right?). So my question is: What would be the best choice? Budget: up to $150 (or around $200 if something would be worth the price)...
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