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in ear with mmcx changeable cable?


Jan 24, 2024
hi, im searching for (in this pic I posted) the left in ear but with a changeable cable, I couldn't find one of those, just a pair selling on aliexpress but isnt what I like, does someone know some site where I could find this?

Captura de pantalla 2024-04-14 193720.png
Are you looking for an IEM with an MMCX connector with a straight cable? (i.e. no ear hook)

Maybe something like the Final Audio E4000?

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Etymotic also makes a line with that design of plug that drops down. I had the Final E4000 and it's a softer sound, not a ton of details. It's like the IEM version of the Sennheiser Drop HD58x if you've ever heard those. You won't get treble fatigue, but not very lively or fun.

You won't get treble fatigue, but not very lively or fun.

Although many might find the deep insertion required by the Etys not much fun either.

I think there are several IEMs (with MMCX connectors) that can be worn with the cable around the ear or straight down. I think my MEEAudio Pinnacle P1's claim to be able to be worn both ways (although I think they look weird with the cable hanging straight down) and maybe some of the Tin Hifi models.
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