1. W

    Cheap Desktop All-around Speakers - Edifier R1380BT vs R1700BT vs MR4

    Hello, I'm looking for something better than my laptop speakers for when I don't feel like wearing headphones (summer and with it swamp ears are coming). The most common recommendations aren't really sold here but edifiers are and they're pretty well priced (Equivalent of 88$ for 1380BT, 105 for...
  2. regan

    How is it possible for the Subwoofer of a cheap 2.1 system to reach frequencies AS LOW AS 5HZ?

    I thought low frequencies under 40hz require a standalone "real subwoofer". Not to mention under 20hz which would require top stuff. Am I wrong here? I mean clearly i'm wrong, but does that mean the low frequency is not such a big deal in evaluating a sub's performance? The system in question...
  3. H

    Topping D10S x SMSL DO300

    Hello! Having the Topping D10S DAC, is it worth buying the SMSL DO300 or will it not bring me much benefit? I use the DAC connected via USB on the notebook to power a pair of active speakers (Edifier S360DB). Thanks!
  4. M

    Blind Listening Test 2: Neumann KH 80 vs JBL 305p MkII vs Edifier R1280T vs RCF Arya Pro5

    Shortly after completing the first blind listening test, @Inverse_Laplace and I started thinking about all the ways we’d like to improve the rigor and explore other questions. Written summary follows, but here is a video if you prefer that medium: Speakers (calculated preference score in...
  5. Nuyes

    Edifier MR4 measurements (It's probably been upgraded.)

    Hi Guys! I actually measured Edifier's MR4 in its early days, too. This is what I had measured before using Klippel's equipment and software, and the FR(on-axis) of the speaker tended to be similar to what @amirm had measured...
  6. N

    Looking for help/recommendations - buying a DAC for a modest aparetment audio setup

    This is my first post in this Forum, so I wanted to start by saying "Hello!" to everybody. My kids keep growing up and somehow the living space of our apartment (we live in a flat) does not want to expand on its own as time goes on ;) In addition, we are about to start rearranging the space and...
  7. Arion

    Edifier S730 - Ringing sound issue

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. :) I am having an rining/humming/noise issue with my Edifier s730 subwoofer. I have attached an audio file with the noise I hear (recorded it with a cheap shotgun mic and newbie cleaned it up in audacity to hear it better) and some pictures of the...
  8. L

    Could someone help me witg choosing a speaker?

    Hello everyone. I have been looking for semi good speakers/monitors for my desk and I have problem with choosing with would be be the best for me. The main problem is the size. I have a bit of space on my desk but I can't put 8 inch monitors on it, so size matters for me. Mosly I narrowed it...
  9. sweetchaos

    Edifier MR-4 review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review. This time it's the Edifier MR-4 (same model that Amir reviewed previously): Obviously, loudness limited. Use nearfield only. EDIT 2022-01-11: Video review is up Discuss!
  10. J

    Topping E30 DAC & Spotify

    Hello, everyone! I am very new to DACs and hi-fi systems in general. I have a Topping E30 DAC on the way which I will be connecting to my PC (Windows 10). I have the Edifier r1280db for my speakers which already has a built-in class D amplifier. Lastly, I will be streaming my music mainly from...
  11. R

    How to connect powered speakers to BluRay player through coaxial

    Hello, I hope you're doing good. I am pretty new to this forum and to audio things too. I am a newbie, indeed. The thing is I want to buy the edifiers r2000db, which are the ones available on my country at the moment, but they do not have a Coaxial input. They do have RCA and Optical inputs. I...
  12. G

    ¿Do i need a dac for my Edifier S1000MKII active speakers?

    According to the manual of my active speakers, only in optical mode it reproduces at frequencies from 44.1 to 192 khz, so what I wanted to know is if with a dac with Optical output I could reproduce in that quality in Tidal since a dac with RCA output would be losing quality right? I was...
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