1. H

    Same speakers, different amps, different distortion through REW measurements

    Hi everyone - I recently picked up a Umik-1 mic and have been measuring my room, speakers etc. After level matching and swapping amps (speakers and mic in the same position), I have noticed very similar frequency response across the amps (slightly different), with slight deviations in...
  2. R

    L30 II and Aune X7S comparison. Output impedance effects on different types of headphones.

    So I have this new amplifier aune X7S(2021 version) and here at asr it was measured to have rather high output impedance(about 11 ohms). But I also have a topping L30 II with me and I wanted to sell one of the amps so I compared their sound on the single ended outputs with the Hifiman HE400SE(28...
  3. Scytales

    812 digital sources from 1992 to 2024 ranked by THD

    From 2013 onward, I began a systematic survey of FFT measurements published by some German Hi-Fi magazines. Those magazines belong to a publisher which runs its own laboratory, thus ensuring consistency in the measurement method. At that time, I was driven by sheer curiosity. My goal was to...
  4. PaperBoat

    Need your impression...

    Both DSD64 and DSD128 conversion adds a potentially euphonic characteristic to the sound.
  5. PaperBoat

    PCM and DSD

    PCM to DSD = better sound quality?
  6. PaperBoat

    Upsampling and Aliasing.

    I asked ChatGPT the following question: Upsample before or after DSP to remove aliasing in audio? ChatGPT answered: To remove aliasing in audio, it is generally recommended to perform upsampling before digital signal processing (DSP). Aliasing is a phenomenon that occurs when signals are...
  7. H

    Shure SRH-1840 - How to hear the distortion?

    Hi, I did sort of a compulsive buy of SRH-1840, meanwhile I read some reviews by Sonarworks and @solderdude [LINK] how atrocious distortion (THD?) they have. I decided to give them a listen before returning, and while in less complicated songs they didn't blow me away, I must admit that they...
  8. kingofworms

    Foobar second harmonic generation plugin

    To test the audibility of pure second-order distortion I have written a Foobar plugin which simulates a quadratic transfer function. On the configuration dialog of the plugin, you can set the desired level of the second harmonic in 24 steps between -150dB and -12dB and also turn it off...
  9. A

    Stereo sound leaking to center channel.

    Hello all, I am not sure this post belongs here. If it doesn’t I am sorry, moderators. Feel free to move the appropriate section. I am hearing some distortion coming from the center channel and I think it is related to sound leaking from the mains to the center. My system is a Yamaha A2070...
  10. L

    Audio/Video distortion experiment: 1000x "I am sitting in a room"

    Found an interesting experiment: record a video, upload to youtube and then download/upload it 1000x to see the effects of video and audio compression. The initial experiment done ~2010 with a webcam. Big kudos to that guy, considering the youtube speed at that time it probably took many...
  11. N

    Distortion due to "brick wall"

    OK this isn't aimed at any one brand of speaker, amp, headphone, etc. I noticed when listening to a FLAC that's been boosted and compressed to death aka loudness wars, in headphones its still pretty clear and not really distorted but just loud, yet when I heard it through the same DAC...
  12. PaperBoat

    Exciter vs. Dynamic EQ

    Slate Digital Fresh Air vs. Fabfilter Pro • Q³ which is better to bring the air into music?
  13. Mrdead

    Distortion with XLR Input on Cambridge EVO150 Need Help!

    I'll try to explain this the best way I can. I am running a CD Player's digital output (tried both COAX and OPTICAL) into the Holo May DAC. Then I have the XLR output from the May going into the XLR in's of a Cambridge EVO150. However, when I play the music the sound has a horrible midrange...
  14. S

    Information theory and sound quality

    I was watching Amir's excellent (and long :-) video about how Harman and other sound engineers determine objective and subjective sound quality. I'm pulling out my question to a separate thread because it's a different topic. My question: what causes information *loss* from speakers...
  15. P

    Broken Aune X1S?

    Hi all! I've been hearing some strange things lately on out of my Aune X1S. I can't seem to find it inside of ASIO4ALL and there are strange distortion spikes. The first image is my onboard soundcard and the second one is my Aune with the fast filter selected. I just want to know if this could...
  16. N

    Audio distortion issue (low frequencies are boosted)

    Hi All, This may be a bit of a long shot, but I am working on a system which has a DSP generating 3 frequency tones @ 400, 800 and 1600 Hz via a codec (TLV320AIC3106) this is picked up by a microphone via another codec (SGTL5000) and an fft is done on the recorded signal. 99% of the time...
  17. D

    Denon Heos Distortion Problem

    Hey, came across a wierd problem, my Denon 4700 distorts any music I play via Heos, the highs made me think my DBR62s had turned into a B&W ;) Apparently looking at the 4700 thread Im not the only one encountering this problem. Has anyone found a solution yet, seems to be a software issue. Thanks
  18. pma

    Topping D10s Owner Measurements/Quick Review

    Topping D10s USB DAC I bought this little DAC from Audiophonics France https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-without-volume/topping-d10s-dac-usb-32bit384khz-dsd-256-xmos-u208-es9038q2m-black-p-14686.html It has arrived after 6 days from purchase. I made some measurements : Output Noise Noise is...
  19. pma

    Class D A07 x class D UcD180 and class AB amp - there are measurable differences on acoustical side

    Following the assumptions on possible influence of ultrasonic noise and carrier frequency residuals to tweeter output I have prepared an experiment where the tweeter is driven by 2.82V sine tone of 6kHz from 2 different amplifiers. One of the is AIYIMA A07, see my review...
  20. R

    Passive Loudspeaker Speaker Compression/Dynamic Compression

    Howdy, this topic got hot in the JBL 4309 thread. A lot of very interesting points have been mentioned in that thread. Let's make the jump to a dedicated thread. Maybe the mods can move some relevant posts here so there is some context and fuel to work with in this thread. Things discussed...
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