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  1. L

    300w Pure class A Monoblock search!

    Hi Never posted before. But I am in the search for a set of pure class a Monoblocks with a wattage output of 300w into 8ohms….. I cannot seem to find a useful site to help my search filters! Does anyone know of any that don’t cost the earth? Budgetary speaking in the region of £1500 each...
  2. D

    Class A Amplifier Using IXYS Fets :)

    I thought I would share my Second Class A F5 amplifier using IXYS fets, the first one uses more components, the second version is very low part count. Sharing the Video of it being powered up and running ( first power up on this design ) Soon will connect my QA401 and do some measuring. Not...
  3. St1n

    Vintage vs Modern; Class A vs A/B

    My journey so far... I've been on the hi-fi merry-go-round for a little while now, and having an engineering background, decided to go the vintage route as an attempt to save on costs. I've found that after re-capping these units from the 70's, these units generally perform quite well...
  4. anphex

    Weird phenomenon with Emotiva XPA Gen3

    Hi folks, greetings from Berlin! due to a pretty big upgrade in my hifi system I came to occupy myself with looking for a fitting power amp. The speakers are Nubert NuVero 170 which are said to be very power hungry with 85db/1W and mercilessly monitor like (they are). I was powering them with a...
  5. Aubergine

    Thoughts on the NuPrime HPA-9

    I decided to make a thread for a headphone amplifier that i recently purchased i might post some updates and information about it over time here and other people can chip in :) I decided to start by talking a little about power consumption One thing i almost always do is plug in anything i...
  6. Aubergine

    Wondering about purchasing a hybrid amplifier

    I recently discovered a hybrid amplifier called thda 500t v.2 made by a company called Taga Harmony costing about 315 dollars for that money it has a lot of features but i wonder if it just might be a bit to good to be true... i have never tried tubes before and thought it might be fun to...
  7. D

    Class A Aleph 3 clone Measurement

    My test setup which is based on a Windows 10 laptop, REW software, Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen and DIY attenuation/connection box is described here: I recently purchased a...
  8. amirm

    Electronic Basics: Understanding Class B and Class AB Amplifiers

    In a recent thread on Benchmark AHP2 amplifier ( I noted that their marketing page for that unit showed a class B amplifier but said that it was class AB. Even though this is a much...
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