1. bricko

    Hello! Audio newbie looking for advice

    Hi everyone! :) I'm an engineering student and former forum-lurker looking to start my journey into quality audio. I've been looking to get a decent system for a while, and this year I'm actually going to bite the bullet. I've been obsessing over speaker and amplifier reviews, and before I go...
  2. D

    SMSL DAC + SMSL AMP + HeadSet. Problem.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading for a long time, and finally I have dedicated myself to entering this world. I tell you my problem. I seek to play music alone and exclusively from my PC and occasionally from my mobile. At first I wanted to buy a Pioneer vsx 934, but after reading for a few...
  3. X

    2.1 Setup for Films & Music

    I enjoy films and music in Stereo (PC -> DAC -> Rotel Amp -> ATC SCM20). I am aware that in my current setup where surround is downmixed, I'm losing the LFE channel. Furthermore, I am not currently running any sort of room correction. Finally, my partner is tired of fiddling with the PC to watch...
  4. egglol

    AMP and DAC for my setup

    (no longer necessary, delete please thanks.)
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