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Your Personal EQ's for Headphones 300USD+ (see formatting)


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Mar 15, 2021
It might be interesting to compare people's personal EQ's for high end headphones (say ~300 USD and up).

Formatting: If you want to participate, I'd suggest for clarity put the manufacturer/model in bold and then directly below put your Equalizer APO or equiv. file text.

Formatting continued: If you use AutoEQ or other EQ profile, just put Headphone model \ <name of EQ profile> -- because they're quite complicated and will be hard to read.

Personally, as I've slowly improved my listening "standards", I've found EQ profiles tend to ruin the sound of my headphones.
But with no EQ, there are some issues.
I do some simple adjustments.
As below, for TH900 I decrease the bass except sub-bass; and raise the mids a little.
And for LCD-3 I raise the sub-bass and, in agreement with a 2021-model measurement I found online, I raise two particular treble bands significantly.

Presently I am very happy with the sound of both profiles. The TH900 still has "sparkly" treble with it but I kind of like it.

Fostex TH900mk2:
Preamp: -0.9 dB
Filter: ON PK Fc 20 Hz Gain 2 dB Q 1
Filter: ON LS Fc 250 Hz Gain -1.5 dB
Filter: ON PK Fc 454 Hz Gain 1 dB Q 1.5

Audeze LCD-3 (2021 revision)
Preamp: -3.5 dB
Filter: ON LS Fc 50 Hz Gain 3 dB
Filter: ON PK Fc 4100 Hz Gain 3 dB Q 1.5
Filter: ON PK Fc 8000 Hz Gain 3 dB Q 1.5
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