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Yamaha NS-SW200 with Revel M16 or KEF LS50 Meta?


Jan 30, 2022
Hi, what speakers would best fit my audio setup, Revel M16 or KEF LS50 Meta? usually I listen at around 55 dB but sometimes even at 70 dB (usually is about movies from the TV through the HTPC).

I'll sit in the living room, probably in the middle of the depicted sofa (the rest of the depicted furniture is not real, ignore it); the speakers and the subwoofer will sit in my front at about 3.5m distance, alongside the opposite wall.

PS: now I use KEF LSX (1st version) and I'm happy with them but I'll have to move them in another room so I started thinking of what should be the replacement which is also an opportunity for some enhancements
PS: at some point later I'll move the subwoofer too and replace it with PB1000-Pro
PS: I can tweak the audio signal with Easy Effects (HTPC runs it)


HTPC audio outputs:

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