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would you prefer a current lcd-2 fazer or sony mdr-z1r for bass/edm/modern music?

May 7, 2019
Would you take a current 2020 eq’ed lcd-2f or a z1r thats eq’ed?

What sounds best to you? I can get the lcd for $960 and the z1r for $1600 and for what i own already i have an eq’ed hd 800s and i want something better for bass type music like edm and other modern genres, as even eq'ed to a harman bass shelf, it still does not sound as bassy as the lcd-2f or z1r

which has better bass and slam/dynamics iyo, the lcd-2f or the sony mdr-z1r? and which is best overall for all types of music?

and which of the 2 has better soundstage and imaging?

and with or with out eq, would my hd 800s still be the most neutral or reference level quality headphone in terms of real instruments sounding how they would sound like in real life compared to the lcd-2f or z1r?

i have tried both the lcd-2f and z1r and love both but am worried about the weight of the lcd-2f since i have autism and i have ticks were i move my head a certain way, and my neck is sore all day everyday because of that, and i am not sure the weight of the lcd-2f would be ok since i already have neck issues

for my amp/dac i have the thx monoprice amp/dac combo with built in eq

I use my headphones as main audio source so from music to video games and everything else if it matters

i am was also interested in the focal clear, but from what read, the lcd-2f or z1r would be better for what i am looking for, but please correct me if i am wrong

Please and thanks
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Oct 3, 2020
I can't comment on the Z1R as I haven't had any experience with them before. However, I can say the Focal Clear or LCD2F would be very complementary to your HD800S. The clear has a lot of bass impact, a much smaller soundstage, and still has good imaging and detail. The LCD2F has more bass quantity (particularly in sub-bass, not so much mid-bass) but I wouldn't say it has more impact than the clears, it has a larger soundstage than the Clear, but the imaging and detail isn't quite there against the clears. Clears are much closer to the LCD-3 in detail retrieval with the HD800S being better than both in my opinion. An EQ'ed HD800S would still be 'the reference' as compared to both of these, however, EQ'ed Clears could provide a nice alternate reference as the smaller and more intimate soundstage gives an overall different feeling to the sound beyond tonality. Without EQ, I would say the Clears would provide the most accurate neutral tonality even compared to the HD800S, the HD800S is neutral-bright - while the clears have a small midbass emphasis but no where near as much as the HD800S emphasis on mid to high treble. The LCD2F tonality is going to lean on the darker/warmer side of tonality, and is going to have a more colored sound.

Hope this helps
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