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WolfX700 Measurement of Matrix Audio Element P All-in-One AMP


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Jul 26, 2019
After measuring Matrix Element-I, I was impressed with the completeness of the Matrix Audio products.

After communicating with the manufacturers, I applied for the most "magic" product in their current product list: Element-P for measurement.

Just like Element-I, this is a super versatile device. In the Element series, Matrix Audio seems to be obsessed with creating various "integrated solutions". And in my opinion Element P is the most radical of them. It integrates a full set of digital streaming, digital audio playback, DAC, Preamp and PowerAmp!

Wow! To a certain extent, this is a good idea to simplify high-quality audio playback (with passive speakers) in the living room.
The entire system has fewer cables than any other solution (even if you use active speakers, you still have to power them)

Okay, look at things first.


Alright, everything is fine! The surface treatment feels great to the touch, and the entire construction is basically full of high-quality feel. The button feels great, and the only thing I can complain about is the low damping of the knob.

True, this is an expensive $ 2,500 unit (not cheap from my point of view), but the build quality is worth the price.

The remote control is made of aluminum alloy CNC and has the same satisfactory manufacturing process. but! The remote control button feels bad! I scored 90 points on the craftsmanship of the remote control but the buttons only gave a maximum of 60 points. The feedback is not clear, and it feels too soft to press it.

Stop talking nonsense, the measurement has begun:




All in all, this device achieves the performance claimed by the manufacturer (THD + N: <0.008%@1W 8Ω, 1k).

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