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What headphone amp go get for the Hifiman arya SE


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May 16, 2022
I have a bit of a Hard time picking a headphone amp that is going to pair Well With my aryas.
I have a dac that i want to use, since i am a tad crunched on money, having bought the aryas fairly Recently and i dont want to run them through my ifi go blu, because that setup is fairly unpleasant to use. I have a soncoz la-qxd1 as a dac, which is also used for my speakers. For an amp, i am interested in either the matching soncoz amp for the dac, Qxa1 or the topping a50s. The topping is cheaper and has a 4.4 mm output, which would require to only buy one balanced cable to use it with both the ifi go blu on the go and on the home amp too, which would be beneficial to just have one balanced cable than to have 2 and use an 3.5mm Adapter for the go blu. Anyway, my question is, wether the pairing of the soncoz and a50s will perform Well or if another amp would Do a better Job.

First thread, so bear With me :)
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