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What hardware do I need to stream Atmos releases on Amazon Music over speakers?


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Jul 8, 2019
I have been seeing the Atmos tag on more and more Amazon Music HD releases, and I would appreciate your guidance on how to play these releases over speakers. Currently my setup is stereo for streaming and surround for blu-rays and sacds --

Amazon Music > WiiM Pro (coaxial output) > Oppo BD-105 (used as a DAC/preamp) > multichannel amp > 4 speakers

I don't expect to add center or height speakers any time soon; just hoping to stream Atmos downmixed to 4.0 for now. And if possible I would like to use the Android phone app rather than keeping a video monitor connected to the Oppo.

What additional recommended hardware will I need to do this? I have seen discussions suggesting that the various Amazon Firesticks might not work when paired with equipment that cannot decode Atmos (such as my Oppo). Is there a workaround with the Firesticks, or will I ultimately need something like an Apple TV to do the downmixing?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Brian Hall

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Nov 25, 2023
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The later Fire sticks and Fire TV cubes connected to a Dolby Atmos capable multi-channel AVR with multiple speakers will do the job.

The Amazon Music HD app and the Tidal app both work. I just tested the Tidal app on a Fire TV Cube last night playing Atmos music. I don't think Atmos really makes sense for most albums. It works great for something like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon where it makes sense to have sound effects and voices coming from different directions.

That album is a great experience on a full Atmos system. I will admit to jumping a bit when I heard a woman's voice in my left ear like she was right there whispering. It was impressive.
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