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Mark Knopfler – One Deep River – First single – Ahead Of The Game : comparison between Hi-Rez 24-192 and Dolby Atmos

That so called hi-res version doesn't sound as good as the Atmos one imo. Both because of that lifted upper bass / lower mids that makes it sound muddy, but also of course for that extra dynamic range that all Atmos releases have. I really hope that people will figure out that Atmos sounds so much better almost all because of that dynamic range and then start releasing the same downmixed 2.0 master to all platforms everywhere and finally ending that stupid loudness war.
Sounds crazy, but I wish they would simply quit limiting the stereo mixes! It doesn't look like that will EVER happen, so continue to preach it. I am all in on the Atmos dynamics, especially this particular release.
My wife is crazy for Mark Knopfler's music, bought One Deep River as soon as it was announced. We've got an I Pod plus a cd player in the SUV, transferred the CD to the I Pod as soon as we got it, Gail slipped the CD into the car's player. Naturally I've heard all of Knopfler's commercial output. The earliest Dire Straits performances have very ragged vocals, as he gets older the vocal performances get closer to Perry Como/Eddie Arnold territory. This his sleepiest outing yet and if he retires altogether soon, I wouldn't be surprised. Liked the previous outing - Dow the Road Whatever - a lot more, with stronger songs and more animation overall.
Down the Road Wherever was very good and its predecessor Tracker was, to me, an absolute late career masterpiece.

The album review has been updated to include streaming, vinyl and blu-ray versions (stereo PCM 24 bits/96 kHz and 24 bits 192 Hz, Dolby Digital TrueHD Atmos).
One Deep River - Blu-ray small.jpg

The blu-ray is the only medium to offer high-resolution stereo and Dolby Atmos in lossless quality.

You can find all the samples and measurements here.

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