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Understanding GAIN settings for my amp, with MiniDSP in the path and even a portable oscilloscope


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Jul 14, 2020
Hi guys!
So I was hoping to get a clarification of how the GAIN amp know works on an amp and how it relates to my AVR, MiniDSP etc on the chain.
To give specific details....

My AVR is the Denbon 3800h and I have the LFE output connected to a MiniDSP. From that MiniDSP some outputs connect to two NX6000D and one output goes to a 2nd MiniDSP. On that 2nd MiniDSP one of the outputs is connected to a Crown xls1002 which powers Dayton BST-300ex shakers.
For the shakers I had to add an RCA line booster as it was way too low without it btw.

My concern is how to make sure I am not clipping my signal at some point and how to measure it. Even if its some cheap portable oscilloscope as I have seen more use for car audio.
But also, any suggestions are welcome.
My LFE is at -10 (iirc) and about the same for the LFE that is dedicated for TR (set to transducer on the 3800h) which is the signal being sent to the dual NX6000D from the first MiniDSP and to the Crown from the 2nd MiniDSP.
I hope that made some sense.
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