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Turntable Resuscitation - Part 1


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Dec 5, 2023
I apologize for making this post so long. I’m splitting it up into 3 posts

I recently retired and we downsized. One of the benefits is that I could now upgrade my audio system which I did. I was well on my way to creating a great 5.1.4 system. I told myself I am not necessarily going to let my budget be the deciding factor (not a point shared by the wife) but I was going to get what I wanted. And I did until the wife asked how much more I was going to buy and added up what I spent to that point. Hard brake from her at that point! All I really had left to buy was a turntable and cartridge. That will be on hold for a while.

So, I am in the process of resuscitating my 40 yr. old Systemdek IIx with a Profile II tone arm and AT95E which I bought in 1985 and love. It has been in storage, off and on, for the last 25 years but set up and operating fine for the last 5 years. When I initially hooked it up at the new house, I leveled it and adjusted the VTF. It sounded great for a little while when I started hearing a noise when I turned it on. I cleaned and lubricated the bearing, which was kind of a pain, but took care of the noise. And then I realized there were issues with the platter and tone arm height.

Part 1.
I need to set the platter height (plinth to bottom of platter) which is more challenging than I thought would be. I was sick just before our move and ended up in the hospital for the whole move. I hadn’t prepared my stereo system for the move yet, but my son could do that. I told him how to prep the equipment for the move and how to lock down the TT. When he told me he couldn’t lock down the TT, I asked him how he tried doing it. It ends up he was turning the TT adjustment hex bolts instead of using the lock down bolts. I asked him how many times he turned those bolts. (Poor directions on my part but I was laying in the hospital getting poked and prodded at the time.) He said, “I don’t know but they didn’t lock it down”. So, the platter height must be 5 mm from the bottom of the platter to the plinth. Ideas on tackling this problem? Tricks or tips?

Sorry for the long post and for sharing your wisdom.

System: Denon X3800H, Philharmonic HT towers, Philharmonic HT Center Channel, Philharmonic True Mini Monitors (rear), Klipsch R-40-SA (height), SVS SB2000 (subwoofer), Systemdek IIx with Profile II tone arm and AT95E cart, 77" LG C3.
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