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Topping, SMSL, ... ESD & DC Protection


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Oct 21, 2022
Hi all,

I asked SMSL and Topping for my own needs about some products since their documentation wasn't clear to me and got answers from them.
  • SMSL SU-9 Pro
  • Topping A90 Discrete
  • Topping LA90 AB
They all have a proper ESD and DC protection. Feel free to add more info in comments regarding those or other products.
At least I feel more comfortable plugging my Dan Clark Stealth now XD.

Yes it get ESD and DC protection.

Best regards
S.M.S.L Audio (Kelly)

Dear ###
I am glad to have your mail.
All those two products have the proper ESD and DC protection.

Best Regards!
Hailin Huang
Sales manager & Product team member of TOPPING
26th Jiaomen Road, Huangge Town, Nansha, Guangzhou, China
Zip code: 511455
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