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Topping needs an urgent clean up and restructuration of their product line

Steve Rogers

Feb 16, 2022
Think about cars, you have many variations on a basic model (automatic/manual/no doors/engine size/multi media components/safety features/ etc.) all at different price points. Its called "product line engineering" and its really impressive that Topping does this! The consumer can find the product closest to his real needs instead of choosing between far fewer options.


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Mar 23, 2021
As an example that is very familiar to me, the Chinese could easily hire bilingual translators ia the internet for a few dollars to edit English vacuum tube amplifier descriptions and advert copy. It would be very cheap to eliminate silly and error-ridden translations like "gall bladder", "bile", "welding" and "scaffolding" - but they don't bother.
And that didn't stop me from ordering my bile gallbladder EL34 amplifier with its handmade scaffolding. In fact, since I gave up my own gallbladder over 20 years ago, it was nice to get a new one for free with my new vacuum tube amplifier! :facepalm: o_O
Hey @Xulonn, your "beautiful 6CA7/6SN7 YarLand vacuum tube amplifier" must be jealous of your gallbladder scaffolding...
I got "fever" yesterday, from an SMSL amplifier page.
My favorites has got to be "Cow Ring Fever" << "Audiophile-grade torroidal transformer"... Best as I can determine...:confused:
Oh come on. You cannot be serious.
We really should NEVER be making excuses for deficiencies in audio hardware/software.
This is the current case for the Topping's new LA90 replies upon @amirm review, with the LA90 getting kudos for test results.
It turns out the LA90 has issues; yet I feel that Topping is now beginning to "get it".
I mean (damn it!) they even have built a "CustomerService" department and are handling some owners (per reports) w/personal sw updates to fix the current problem(s).
Remembering that just 5 short years ago, Topping manufactured some true cow poop. They were manufactured even cheaper than the old Emerson electronics.
No, I personally don't think the price of ~$800 fits my wallet well. Yet, based on the performance of the LA90, I am hoping that when they drop the price by >50%, it will wow me!
I wish them good luck!
Also in the hopes that it sends shockwaves thru the industry that it ain't RocketScience no more and that the Cow Ring Fever is easily fixed by scaffolding the gallbladder.:cool:
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