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Technical Pro VU Meter Review

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May 30, 2018
I still have one of those Realistic meters from the 80's, it takes speaker level input and I've got it hooked up to my bass channels. Nice subdued bit of bling with green and red LEDs about the same size as many modern DACs.

I voted Not Terrible. Meters like this have questionable use to begin with beyond being pretty and it does that even if not accurate. With the other added functionality of USB charge port and outlet strip it is useful at least compared to many other units like this. Just run an unbalanced input into this thing with some Y cables and don't use the output then you've got something useful, bling and no distortion at any level going to amps.


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Oct 30, 2020
Sierra Foothills
Radio Shack actually made a similar item back in the 80s that was somewhat useful and functional. Minus the outlet strip thing on the back.

I remember them being hooked up in the store, and it actually SHOWING a relatively accurate decibel rating.
Not perfection, but why can it not be done today, with even radio shack accuracy....sad.
Hahaha I used to have one of those and it was quite impressive - At the time I had a 12 volt power supply and a car stereo system in my room (I was in middle school) with car speakers (6x9's) that I built boxes for. This Radio Shack thing gave that whole ghetto sound system a bit of "class" :D
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