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Speaker suggestions for a 9.2.6 Home Theatre

Keep in mind that most movies and tv shows nowadays are at least 1.85 aspect ratio and a lot of big blockbuster movies are 2.35. But most of all the action is in the middle of the screen. So, the argument, that you are too close and can’t see all the action, doesn’t hold. You don’t have to tilt your head left and right, because the action stays in the middle. All the surrounding image is there for immersion.
Also, the embedded subtitles are getting smaller, because the screens are getting bigger.
I get your point!
We picked a 2.39 screen for best immersion but yeah... it's always difficult to imagine what the best viewing angles will be, it will also probably vary between my kids, my wide and I... So it's a hard decision for us :rolleyes:. I dunno what angle will fit us best and we have like no place to experience that in here except going to real theatres but then you don't really know your angles there...
Perfect. Good for you. Your family is gonna enjoy that room very much.
A lot of us envy you on the size of the room.
I am sure you are gonna add two more subs eventually.
Yeah, the future upgrade will probably imply to add more subs but for now the budget's already gonna be tight so starting with 2 RS2 will be more than enough for a good start I think :)
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