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Sorround Speakers


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May 31, 2020

Looking for some opinions here.

I am dipping my toes in the Dolby Atmos waters after hearing a friend's system. Don't want to invest too much into it, until I am convinced it is worth spending a lot more on surround and height speakers.

I have two good Front speakers, so only need to augment with center/surround/height channels.

I am looking at some Facebook marketplace sales and see the following options
1. $100 - Pioneer BS-22 (Surround L/R) with 2 height speakers
2. $250 - Polk Signature S35 (Center) with 4 Polk Signature S10 speakers (I could use these as surround and surround back)
3. $350 - 4 Deftech promonitor 800s (surround + surround back) + a Deftech center (not sure which model)

Sound quality wise, I believe the Pioneers are the best, but they are also quite big compared to the other two options.

Not having atmos before, I am not sure how much value the surround back and height channels add.

Which option would you choose and why ?
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