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Seeking your advice on an optimal Headphone Amp/DAC + BT desktop setup.


Sep 24, 2019
Hello everyone,
I am writing today to seek your advice/guidance in my quest for an optimal Headphone/Amp/DAC/BT setup, to be used not only from my work desk but also, linked to a modest HIFI setup (NAD M10 + Drop Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee + PSB Synchrony Speakers + vintage Technics TT).
Nowadays, most of my music comes from Qobuz/Spotify, along with a few dozen vinyls and CDs.
In any case, I've been looking at Topping as some of their products appear to be very well regarded in our forums.
My budget is limited to around $750 for the entire setup.
I would be very grateful to receive your suggestions of combinations that you feel present the highest Value/Quality ratio for my budget and current needs.
Thanks in advance, I'm crossing my fingers that you'll find a little time to respond...
Jean-Louis R.
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