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S/PDIF from TV is unstable after going through Bluesound Node 2.


Aug 21, 2023
Hi Audiosciencereview,

My setup is structured as followed:

Samsung TV outputting S/PDIF to a Bluesound Node 2.
Bluesound Node 2 outputting RCA analog to Arendal subwoofer.
Bluesound Node 2 outputting S/PDIF to Topping E30 II.
Topping E30 II outputting line out to NAD C352 Amplifier.

With this setup, I am experiencing pops and cracks when the sample rate changes. The TV outputs 48kHz, when switching to streaming from the Bluesound 2 the sample rate changes to 44.1kHz, accompanied by loud pops and cracks. This only happens when the sample rate changes.

Is this issue due to clock switching, which is an issue as the TV is a bad source due to S/PDIF (jitter, Master)? I am wondering if converting the S/PDIF to USB might resolve this issue? I know that newer versions of the Bluesound Node can output USB, which would make the Bluesound slave of the DAC.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or recommendations for cleanly outputting S/PDIF from TVs.
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