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Review and Measurements of Allo DigiOne RPI S/PDIF

Feb 18, 2020
Echoing the preceding question, I’m well aware that @amirm ’s testing of SMPS and LPS units to power DACs has demonstrated that any DC noise that is passed along is filtered by the DAC to inaudible levels. However, with streamers like the Digione, is that still the case? Especially for something like the Digione Sig, where the “clean side” power connector bypasses the RPi’s regulation, there wouldn’t necessarily be any noise suppression.

@Modellbobby , FWIW besides the Shanti, Allo also offered a 5V/2.85A “low noise” SMPS called the Nirvana. I have no experience with it.
Jan 19, 2019
Does anyone know if the DigiOne outputs from the RCA and BNC connector at the same time? I'm currently using Edifier S3000pro speakers that do not have a subwoofer out. To fix this, I use an optical splitter to feed a modi 3 attached to a HSU sub and the Edifier speakers.

Can the Digione feed the modi 3 and the edifier speakers at the same time using its two outputs?
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