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Question about my cable management and unwanted noise or signal disruption caused by EMI


Aug 19, 2021
the Netherlands
So as you can see, below is my current (and perhaps a bit wonky) setup with the dac currently running off USB, for which I did some cable management, since cable spaghetti isn't exactly something I'd like to be a part of my diet. :p

Jokes aside, I'm completely new here and I've read that if there's a significant amount of electronics and cables around, unwanted noise could seep from outputs due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) disturbing the signal going through the cables. This is why I want to ask if cable management like I did in my setup is a good idea or not. So, if I keep things as they are right now, will the bunched up cables be so close to each other that they'll cause some kind of signal disruption to occur? And could the proximity of the cables to my laptop, dac/amp stack, or power bricks currently cause this as well? Or am I fine?

As for any audible noise, I personally hear absolutely nothing throughout the entire volume range on my amp on all three available gain settings while nothing is playing, though I'm unsure if it could still affect sound that does play in any way (though I haven't noticed anything weird when sound is being played either). Other than that, the RCA interconnects I use between my Topping E30 dac and Topping L30 amp are double-shielded, but I think that all the other cables probably don't have any shielding to speak of, so I'd also like to know if said specific cables are indeed more susceptible to EMI. If yes, I guess it could lead to unwanted noise (even if inaudible) at the output anyway if my cable management turns out to be problematic.

If you'd like to answer my question, you could optionally also educate me a bit on when EMI really becomes a problem, even if not audible by ear (?). I'd appreciate it since it can be of help, thanks in advance if you do.

(and uuhh... hopefully my setup isn't causing you too much pain upon seeing it..)

current cable management.jpg
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