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Pre Amp question using chromecast audio as source

Steve Rogers

Feb 16, 2022
I signed up to this forum recently and am excited by class D technologies that are small cheap and powerful and am considering an upgrade my electronics, probably to a Audiophonics MPA-S250NC sold here. They will drive my Harbeth Super HL5 a large bookshelf speaker but easy to drive with sensitivity 86 measured here. Currently I am using an Onkyo TX-8150, a budget stereo receiver so I think this will be a big improvement. My source is Deezer CD quality via Chromecast Audio, the Chromecast has a digital and/or analogue output and measures quite well.

What do I do for a pre amp, do I even need one - maybe some of the Topping DACS are good enough? Budget is around $200.

Nice to have: an optical input for TV, a headphone input, an RCA input however none of this is critical.

Finally and critically I would not want more than two boxes (one being the power amp) and I would like it to be small - this is part of the attraction for class D. Also there should be a real volume control - if anything can go wrong it will do and I don't want to fry my speakers which are quite expensive :)

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