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Pre-amp, etc. recommendation and advise needed


New Member
May 17, 2022
Hi all,

Long time listener, first time caller.

My wife and I will be moving into a new home in the fall, and I'll be revamping our audio set up in the process, one area I'm having trouble with is the system that will be going in the living room. Due to layout of the house, this isn't exactly going to be a critical listening setup as ideal speaker positioning won't be possible.

Right now I have digital and analog sources sorted, and have plans for power amp and speakers, but am coming up short on a preamp that will give me the features we want.

I need a device, or devices that meet the following:

1. I need wifi and bluetooth streaming ability. I have a Wiim streamer already that can be used for this. I currently have an older DAC, but its no better, if not slightly worse than the onboard DAC on the WIIM, this will get replaced either by a stand alone DAC (there's lots of good options, so don't need a recommendation there), or something integrated in a preamp, no real preference there as long as its transparent.

2. I also need at least one additional single ended analog in, and the ability to switch between the streamer, and the analog in.

3. Volume control and muting for both the digital and analog signal chains, and to have that controlled by a remote. I don't need source switching to be controlled by the remote however, if that helps.

4. Headphone amp. The ideal place for the headphone amp is going to be about 10' away from where the stereo is set up, so I'm thinking I will likely run a standalone headphone amp off a splitter between the pre-amp and power-amp, or if the device I end up with has multiple outs use one for the PA and one for the HPA.

Basically I need something like a Topping D30 pro with a switchable analog in...
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