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Polk Monitor 40 Series II Review (Speaker)

Jun 13, 2020
To you and @beagleman I apologize for succumbing to the all-too-common (and cursed by myself) internet tendency to pop off some non-constructive ill-informed opinion without true consideration.

I HAVE not heard Polk speakers in several years. I was never impressed with any I did hear, but that was way too far back for me to be able to make any useful contribution and certainly not my "judgement." Thank you for the correction. My comments were not properly in the spirit of this valued forum.

Obviously you guys have knowledge of this company's range of speakers. Do you have any models or model ranges you would suggest a buyer should familiarize themselves with? While I am not in the market at the moment, some here might be.

Thanks again.

For budget/entry level the Signature Series do very well for their market space. The LSIM are Fantastic bargains and have good objectives performance but I would never pay "retail'.
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