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OK, you are not really an audiophile if you haven't done this:........... (fun thread)


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Jan 29, 2019
Broke the cantilever on a brand new Adcom cartridge before I played one track. (drinking involved)

Thought my new home made speaker wires had an astounding effect on bass response before I noticed the loudness button pushed in on my preamp.

Bought a bargain audio component that was enthusiastically recommended by a famous reviewer and sold the "non-audiophile" component it replaced only to find that the new one was a poorly made piece of junk and that the old one was worth 10X what I sold it for on the used market. (pre-internet explosion)

Put new stereo systems in every car I bought within the first week of ownership up until the 2000's when OEM stuff started having acceptable sound.

Spent way too much energy arguing with idiots on audio forums.
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