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OK, you are not really an audiophile if you haven't done this:........... (fun thread)

Jan 27, 2019
Dented a driver.

Quick story:

Had some big, heavy, expensive Thiel speakers at my home for a review years ago. Had been listening to them with the grills on, especially because I had a toddler at the time.

Not long after having them, on a Sunday morning I wanted to take the grills off for a listen. I noted that my little guy was at the back of the house with my wife. The listening room was at the front of the house, quite a ways away.

So I very gingerly took the grills off the R speaker and had moved to the back of the room setting the grills down carefully when I heard a rapid thump-thump-thumpity pattern of my kid running as fast as he could from the back of the house. I turned around just in time to see him run in, towards the speaker, then trip in front of it in to the drivers, putting his elbow in to one of them, leaving a big dent.

That grill had only been off for about 20 seconds...and that was all the time my son needed to get at the driver and do damage.

Kids are mini-chaos generators.
Dec 22, 2016
Co. Durham, UK
Replacing ribbons on a Maggie 2.5R

In the US Magnepan will sell you a drop-in replacement pair of ribbon assemblies. After removing 5 zillion staples to get the cover off you unhook the connectors, unscrew the old assembly, screw in the replacement, replace the connectors and send the old ribbon assemblies back to Magnepan. Replace the covers. Job done.

In the UK they send you a ribbon repair kit which consists of three paper backed coiled 40 inch ribbons, syringes, razor blades, loads of shims of varying thickness, metal ribbon supports and two types of silicone adhesive and a small length of ribbon on which to practice.

I planned everything out carefully, practiced handling the piece of ribbon, read all the instructions carefully etc

Taking a deep breath I fitted the ribbon supports, took my time uncoiling the ribbon, clamped it at one end, stretched it the required amount and clamped it at the other end. The ribbon is only a few microns thick and wants to go anywhere except in the magnet gap. But I managed it. So far so good.

I then fitted the appropriate shims to centre the ribbon between the bar magnets. I was feeling good about this. I then gently and very carefully put the tiny blobs of the first silicone about every inch or so along the edge of the ribbon taking my time. I let this dry a few hours and did the same for the second silicone. I left it overnight thinking I had cracked this. It wasn't as difficult as everyone made out.

Next day I very carefully removed the shims and then started removing the ribbon supports.....got to the last one and gently tugged to remove it.....and ping!.... the ribbon came with it. A tiny blob of silicone has dropped through onto the support. It could have gone anywhere, but it had to go right where it would do the most damage. I was devastated after all that care and planning.

Magnepan are not stupid when they send you three ribbons!
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