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N00b RPi Streamer question

Jun 16, 2020
I’m setting up a RPi 4 as a music streamer and I’m after some advice on OS/streamer software. Currently I’m using a Synology NAS which has its own proprietary music streaming software - DS Audio - which allows me to use an Android app to play music either via the USB audio output on the NAS (i.e. on my ‘proper’ stereo), or streaming it directly to my phone so I can listen to music in other rooms on bluetooth speakers.

I’ve looked a bit at both Moode and Volumio for the Pi, but it looks like they will only let me play music through the USB interface on the Pi rather than on the phone itself as well. Is that the case or have I missed something blindingly obvious?

If they don’t allow this, what are my other options? Are Plex or Kodi good enough as audio players or are they more geared towards video? And before someone says ‘Roon’, paying $10/month to play music I already own is a total non-starter for me I’m afraid! ;-)


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Mar 11, 2020
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Dec 5, 2018
I'm not sure that 'blindingly obvious' applies where networked audio is concerned - it depends a lot on where you're looking from.

What are you looking for a 'streamer' to do exactly, and where do you see the phone fitting in? There are several logically separate roles that are sometimes combined in one box or piece of software, and sometimes split. There are a load of options with the Pi that take different approaches to joining up these parts.
  1. file storage
  2. streaming source
  3. streaming end point (where the music comes out)
  4. control point (user interface, remote etc.)
There can of course be more than one of each. To some people this mix-and-match aspect seems obvious, and to others it's almost incomprehensible.

With your current synology/phone combination the NAS is combining 1, 2 and 3 while the phone app is combining 3 and 4.

Taking another approach you can install LogitechMediaServer (LMS) on your NAS (I think it's still available through the normal admin interface) - this is an alternative software for role 2. Now install PiCorePlayer on the Pi to be 3, and iPeng on your phone (if it's an iPhone - there are a few equivalents for Android) to be 3 and/or 4. PiCorePlayer has the option to install LMS on the Pi and access files stored on either a NAS or a local USB drive. It also has the option of using a touchscreen to give control and display.
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