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Modifications to Elac Uni-Fi Reference UBR62 Bookshelf Speakers

What do you call that connector?

It is a circular connector with push-pull locking. The manufacturer is Weipu. It is in the WEIPU IP67 - Large SA28 series. There are different pin configurations available - see the section "Solder Spec".

They have a lot of different connectors. You may be able to use something smaller, like the SA20 or SA24, depending on the size of your cables.
Nice, fully active is another level :). I'm converting my 4-way JBL250Ti's, one speaker is ready while I'm waiting for parts for the second (currently bi-amped). I'm considering 2x speakon, but one 8-pin is even cleaner. What do you call that connector?

There's always the 8 pole speakon: https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nl8fc
Trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
The results are impressive, significantly better than I expected when starting the project. The project was well worth the effort.

Also, I learned a lot which, in and of itself, made the project worthwhile to me. I have designed and built numerous passive speakers, albeit decades ago. I always used stout cabinets with a generous amount of internal bracing at various angles. This served both to reinforce the structure and to breakup internal parallel surfaces. I had never run into cabinet vibration issues to the level I did in this project, nor had I seen their impact on harmonic distortion (back then I did not have a means to accurately measure harmonic distortion). These things I have learned, and addressed in these speakers.

Also, I strongly suspected that eliminating passive crossovers would improve bass response. This project proved, at least to me, that this hypothesis was correct. Indeed, although I use to design passive filters as an occupation, I now am of the opinion that I no longer want them in my speakers.

The most significant issue with the speakers that remains are diffraction issues with the tweeter. Specifically, the diffraction at the tweeter/midrange interface and the diffraction at the midrange surround. The diffraction at the midrange surround has been mitigated a bit by adjusting the crossover frequency and slope. Placing the speakers slightly off-axis and using some DSP I also have mitigated the tweeter/midrange interface diffraction enough so that it is not audible to me.
Here is an update. I did some tuning today, measured at my listening position with the speakers toed in a bit, probably 15 degrees or so. I found this provides the widest sound stage. The high frequencies do roll off above about 15 kHz, though, at that angle. But, at my age, 15 kHz is above my hearing range. The measurements are with 1/6 octave smoothing applied.

Elac Frequency Response.jpg

The left speaker is the green plot and the right speaker is the blue plot. There is a door opening behind the left speaker, which creates the dip at 85 Hz. I adjusted the output of the right speaker to compensate a bit at that frequency, which is fine since that frequency is non-directional.

The red line tracks the Harman curve above about 250 Hz. In the low bass region the red line is about 4 dB lower than the Harman curve. My low bass output is about 1 dB higher than the red line, so the bass is about 3 dB lower than the Harman curve. I like the bass of this preset better on music recorded over the last 30 years or so.

I have another preset with the bass closer to the Harman curve. I like that preset on older recordings, where the bass in the recordings typically is too low for my taste. I used Dirac Live on that preset after manually setting the EQ parameters, but Dirac Live actually made the frequency response a bit more choppy. I may or may not leave it on. I need to do more listening on that preset.

I am still awaiting the WEIPU connectors. They have black ones in stock, but I want silver. They are on back order until the next production run. WEIPU didn't say when that will be. Hopefully they will become available this summer.
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