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Minidsp SHD and Okto Research DAC8 Pro


Nov 13, 2022
Hi all
I am running a minidsp SHD in a 2.2 setup (Neumann KH420, customized BMS 12S330 subwoofers) and wondering, if a DAC upgrade with an Okto Research DAC8 Pro would improve the sound quality. The equipment is in a heavily optimized room, so I am really looking for the last 5%. To be honest, I am pretty happy with the SHD but the better has always be the enemy of the good.

Thanks for your inputs
Audible improvements are unlikely, plus you’ll need to run EQ upstream of the DAC, which might be one reason in favor of the DAC8 as you probably could do some fancy EQ that way. As for DAC performance alone not worth it IMO.
Hi gvl
Thanks for your thoughts-I am already using Dirac for some EQing. However, as the room is already pretty good, the differences are rather subtle.
Best regards,
Why not play with MiniDSP SHD manually instead (FIR + PEQ) integrate low self filter at 100 Hz Q 0.71 as equal loudness adjustment, improve crossovers... generally things you will be able to hear.
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