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MC Pickup for Sansui AU9500


Sep 10, 2023
Good evening to everyone here on Audio Science Review from Denmark.

Thank you very much for all the recommendations and comments on my previous post. I have a question regarding which MC pickup to choose and I would like your thoughts and advice.

My current setup is:

- Sansui AU9500
- Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 (thank you once again for all the advice)
- B&W CDM1 speakers
- Mudita turntable (https://beautifulturntables.com/) with a SME 3012 tonearm on it.

I'm usually listening to jazz records, live and studio albums with a lot of acoustic elements. My budget is flexible - I would rather spend an extra couple of hundred dollars than saving the money and having a worse result, but I'm not a fancy hi fi guy that spends 10.000 usd on cables.

I have been recommended the Denon 103 MC pickup by a friend. Other people tell me to just go for a good MM pickup, however I feel a strange urge to strive for an MC pickup, since I have now purchased a RIAA amp that can adapt to MC pickups.

Thank you for your time and considerations.
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