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Loudspeaker Stands not high enough? What to do?


Dec 8, 2020
Austria (South-West of Styria)
Hello Folks,

I think you know that I am listening to a comparable small speaker in the last time. This speaker is placed on an older "self made" speaker stand. the problem is that this stands are not high enough for tweeter on ear position. all together 15cm too tall.
Here is the situation as it was:

This here is the old version: 50cm blank steal stands ans brass modules on both ends.

So, the next step was to organize new massiv steel stands with a length of 65cm, 20mm in diameter and on both ends with M8 threads for the bolts. And after getting the new steel parts there is a "small" problem. The drilled hole in the brass module is 20mm in diameter. the new steel stands have 20,2mm in diameter. No match at all. So what to do? Looking in my garage. I have no Turing machine for doing this so I have to look for other things. I found an old wood-cutter with 20mm in diameter.

Then, this cutter was set to the drilling machine, which is fixed in an drilling rig wich could be rotated by 90° for horizontal use. So next problem was to hold the brass modules to the cutter without calling for the Red Cross car. I have used an welding leather glove in one hand with the brass module and with the other hand on the gas button of the drilling machine.

This was much easier to do than I have thought. all fingers are still working, no damage at all ;) The result can be seen here:

The holes are now exact from the diameter what is needed for the new steel rods. Next step was polishing the brass module for a better look. a M8-screw with a lot of shims was used for preparation

Now sanding with a fine grinding swart for the first work:

And finishing with polish and cloth. The result of this work is this:

Next step was fitting all parts together. Ground plate with spikes. The brass cover nuts are also polished like above:

Bulilding and finishing the stands was easy:

And the result is this here. The stands have a weight of 15kg. No problems with stability and no problems with oscillations.

Now the tweeter is exact on axis with the ear as it should be.

Cost for the new steel rods are about €60.-- all together. I think that is okay so far.



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Mar 25, 2021
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