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KEF R7 REW Measurements: Starting Point, Any Simple Suggestions?

Apr 5, 2020

So this is my measurements of the KEF R7 that are replacing R3s. The first pic is with the psychoacoustic smoothing. The second is 1/24.

Green is with sub, red without.

The setup is 9 foot equilateral triangle in a 13x18 foot room, the right side from the sitting position and half the back wall is open. 15 foot barn style ceilings.

Speaker face is 3 feet from the back wall and 6 feet from the side wall. The back wall distance is at the maximum the space allows.

Currently, there is one Rhythmic L12 that was going to be 2 before the sale. It is currently to the right of the right speaker. Changing it to the center did not seem to make a whole lot of measurement difference.

My first real goal is to bring 1k-2k up because it sounds like the vocals are somewhat recessed. Blanket draped over or moving the coffee table out completely didn't seem to affect the 1-2k region.

Any suggestions?
Not currently. I am using a Yamaha A-S701 with Bass/Treble knob. Adjustments to the treble are too high. The vocals seem distant/nasally.
A MiniDSP or the like that can allow you to precisely adjust EQ, or even a Wiim or Roon endpoint offer more granular EQ than you have currently. Your graphs like good starting points - let REW do some auto EQ magic and you should get pretty flat to whatever room curve you seek.
Ceiling and floor treatment might help with that 1-2 kHz dip. But you're going to want to EQ for the best results anyway.
What is the wall material and floor? Do you have a carpet?

I've found making minor position adjustments helped my 1-2k area in my HT room. This was for a center channel that was too close to the floor and before I got some carpeting in there. Moving the speakers a bit L/R or backwards might help. You could likely go a lot closer to the rear wall, especially if you're LFE to the subwoofer. Where did you set the sub crossover?
I have a Wiim Pro and eventually something like a RME. I was trying to see if there were any obvious things that stood out before I EQ as far as placement or things to not bother with.

The dip at 1.5k isn't present on the spinorama measurements of the R7 so that is a room issue. The floor is thick carpet. The ceiling is a trapezoid/barn shape with the points at the back wall and the front (if that makes sense).

According to amroc node calculator, the canyon at 65Hz a dead zone, so does that just get ignored or do I bring 45Hz and 120Hz down to level it off a bit?
Crossover is at 100Hz, Phase at 180. I have the sub set for " low music" on the panel. Walls to the left are drapes, right is open, back wall is half open. Plaster and some large framed pictures.
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