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Job posting: Electrical Engineer

Dan Clark

Active Member
Oct 21, 2020
San Diego, CA
Hi Folks,

Dan Clark Audio is looking for an electrical engineer with a passion for audio who is willing to suffer through life in San Diego. And yes, we did clear to post this with Amir!

Check out the position description. If you're interested and meet the criteria please PM me!



Electrical Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
In this role you will be responsible for developing electronics including DACs, audio amplifiers, and wireless solutions, starting with product architecture through all stages of design and manufacturing.
  • Working with management to establish clear product requirements
  • Defining functional product specifications supporting requirements and factoring in all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Creating product architecture and systems diagrams
  • System design and simulation using state of the art CAD tools, some of which you will be responsible for selecting
  • Part selection and vendor qualification
  • Prototyping and debugging
  • Architect, and if possible code, supporting software and drivers as appropriate
  • Shepherding product through relevant regulatory requirements such as FCC
  • Developing production test vectors and requirements and ensuring product is reliable and consistent

Electrical Engineer Requirements
  • BSEE from an accredited school
  • 4+ years experience designing electronics, particularly with an experience in DACs and wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Experience with capture, simulation, and layout software
  • Proven ability to work under tight schedules
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with relevant regulatory cerfitication processes
  • A history of designing loudspeakers, amps, DACs or other audio gear for personal enjoyment is a MAJOR plus
  • Experience with Audio Precision lab gear a plus
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