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Ifi Hip-Dac V2 or HIDIZS DH80S


May 7, 2020
I'm pretty new to wired iem/headphones. I picked up the Moondrop Aria and Drop 6xx recently along with an Ifi Zen V2. I love it!

Now, I'm considering one of these two portable options. I really enjoy the Xbass on the Zen. I've seen one review that seemed to indicate that the Xbass on the Hip-Dac V2 may not be exactly the same at the Zen? It sounded more bloated to them or something to that effect.

Anything to know about the differences between these two? Looks like maybe the Hip-Dac can connect to an iPhone with just one connector from Apple? That might be a nice bonus for it.

Otherwise, from what little I have found on these the HiDizs has better sound quality overall? Not just subjectively? Enough to give up whatever bonus features the Hip-Dac brings to the table?
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