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Home Theater setup - speakers location and selection - advice


Oct 16, 2021
Hi all

I am moving to a new place and planning ahead for my home theater.

I currently have a 5.1 configuration with the following equipment:
- KEF Q950 tower speakers (x2)
- KEF Q650 center (x1)
- KEF Q350 rear (x2) (currenlty i am using them as surround but in the new configuration these will be rear)
- KEF Cutting Edge Kube 10 (to be moved to another room – not used)

My turntable is also integrated to this system (Rega Planar 3 with Rega Fono MM pre-amp).

I am planning to upgrade to a 7.2.2 with the following additional speakers:
- 4 SVS Prime Elevation speakers: 2 used as surround speakers to be hung on the side wall slightly above ear level between the curtains and 2 hung high up on the front wall (left and right of the TV cabinet)
- 2 SVS PB-2000 Pro subwoofers (opposite corners)

I am also planning to add a dedicated 7-channel power amplifier (still to be identified based on what is available in Dubai it seems to going to be Audio Control Savoy G4 for now).

There will be curtains on the two side walls and a carpet on the floor (no other acoustic treatment).

I have created a schematic of the room (the smaller layout top left corner is from the drawing received / the larger one is my drawing is based on my measurement). As you can see the Home Theater space opens on the back on another large area.

The ceiling height is 3m. It is a hard ceiling so I cannot easily place the Atmos speakers in the ceiling,

For the surround speakers I selected the SVS Prime Elevation because of the ability to hang them on the wall. I did not select another pair of KEF Q350s as stands would be blocking the way and the access to the couch.

Could you please provide me with your thoughts and advice on
(1) my proposed speakers positions: i.e. would you recommend a different placement?
(2) the additional speakers selection:
- are there better surround and ATMOS speakers options to be considered)?
- Are the SVS PB-2000 sufficient for this space or should I consider the PB-3000 (this is a standalone house with no neighbor issues)?

Many thanks in advance

PS: If my post is not clear or any other information is needed, please let me know.


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